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Pain is a warning sign that something is wrong!
Treat the cause, Not the pain.

The chiropractor at Murphy Chiropractic, PLC may utilize several adjusting techniques to help you feel better and reach optimum physical health. The physical and neurological exam , is used in determining treatment protocols.

Motion palpation: is used to determine what joints in your spine and the body are not moving correctly.

Manual adjustments: are where the chiropractor places his hands on a joint and performs a quick thrust to restore movement to the joint.

Traction: A Cox Flexion Distraction table is used in cases for disc bulges or herniations as well as for facet imbrication i.e. joint jamming. The chiropractor flexes and distracts the spine creating a negative pressure allowing for joint and disc rehydration.

Muscle work: A vibratory massager is used prior to most adjustments, to allow the muscles to loosen. Various soft tissue massage techniques are utilized by the doctors to address muscle spasms and trigger points.

Exercise Rehab: The chiropractor at Murphy Chiropractic, PLC commonly prescribe stretches and exercise to facilitate good posture and joint function.

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