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A New Day Massage By Erica
Erica Cole has always placed an importance on incorporating health and wellness in everyday life. A passion to help others led her to obtain her license in massage therapy from the Mind Body Institute in Traverse City. Erica specializes in deep tissue massage and trigger point work. She is also knowledgeable in reflexology and body work. Experiencing first hand what massage can do for the mind and body.  Erica’s approach to massage therapy is individually based and is centered on the client’s needs.

If you would like to schedule a massage with Erica you can call or text her at (231) 313-6179.


Christy Baum, LMT
Christy Baum has been a massage therapist since 2004. Her years of both teaching and practicing massage therapy allow her to offer a wide range of integrative modalities to help you to achieve your optimal health goals. Massage techniques offered: Swedish/Relaxation, Pregnancy, Deep Tissue, Sports, Lymphatic, and Corporate Chair. Other modalities offered: Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST), Cold Laser Therapy, Cupping, Reiki, Foot Zone Therapy, PNF/MET, Precision Kinematics, Static-Passive stretching, and Aromatherapy (including AromaTouch/Raindrop Technique & Symphony of the Cells). Need help deciding which technique would be best? Just come on in and fill out a health history form and we can discuss a plan of care that best suits your needs.

Yours in Health, Christy Baum Please call 231-642-1331.


Michael Groves, LMT

Michael is a licensed massage therapist practicing in Traverse City, Michigan. He received his massage training at the Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins, Colorado, graduating in 2017. A longtime competitive endurance athlete, Michael was drawn into the practice of bodywork through his own search to holistically optimize health, function, and performance. Bringing this into his practice, he works to create positive, tangible results in the vitality of his clients, whatever their walks of life.

Sessions are tailored to each clients’ goals, integrating a variety of bodywork modalities. These include a unique form of neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue and trigger point therapies, as well as myofascial release, muscle stripping, assisted stretching and resistance exercise, in addition to standard relaxation techniques.

Michael can often be found running the local trails, riding bikes, walking in the woods, or learning something new.

For more information, visit Michael Groves, LMT


Michelle Spencer-Shields, LMT

Michelle graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 2004 and has been providing therapeutic massages ever since. She feels that massage is not simply a job, but a calling.

Realizing that each body is unique, Michelle is able to pull from her 18 years of experience to give a client-centered massage using many different modalities including deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point release, and relaxation techniques.

Her primary focus is to help people reduce their pain and feel at ease in their bodies so they can continue to participate in the activities that they enjoy. Michelle is constantly learning and is committed to empowering her clients with information as well.

Three words that describe Michelle’s massages- deep, relaxing, and therapeutic.

For more information, please call Michelle at 989-493-0251

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