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Chiropractic is a natural approach to healing and total body wellness. It focuses on freeing pinched nerves allowing the body to function at its best. Chiropractors are famous for helping patients with back pain, neck pain, and headaches; however chiropractors also are trained to adjust shoulders, wrists, knees, and feet. Chiropractic care not only helps people feel better, but assist people in achieving optimum health and wellness with chiropractic adjustments, stretches and exercise and nutritional advice.

Conditions Commonly Addressed

Lower Back Pain | Head Aches | Sports Injury | Neck Pain | Migraines | Pregnancy Issues

Pediatric Chiropractic | Wellness Care | Fibromyalgia | Shoulder Pain | Sciatica | Restless Leg Syndrome


Murphy Chiropractic in Traverse City is one of the very best. I have a long history of physical problems and have been going to chiropractors for thirty years. Murphy Chiropractic does what it takes to get you results. They are very knowledgeable in the full spectrum of body mechanics, and use state of the art techniques to affect muscle health for long term results as well as alignment. I have had great success with them! They have gone above and beyond what is typical; and in my estimation, they are the best!

– Kathy – Traverse City

I have been a long time headache sufferer and had problems with my arms falling asleep at night. After two weeks at Murphy Chiropractic my headaches and arm problems were gone! I would recommend Murphy Chiropractic to anyone! It is a friendly and welcoming practice.

-Tanya – Fife Lake

The Murphy’s have been helping my family for several years now, and we couldn’t be more happy with their work.

–The Crocker Family – Traverse City

Drs. Dustine and Michael Murphy keep me working and playing through chiropractic care. They not only care about my spinal health, but also about my entire overall health. And their year of care plan is very affordable. I highly recommend them!

– Denise – Interlochen, MI

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